The Ab's Rowland School, Varanasi (UP)



07:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Monday to Saturday

09:00 AM - 11:00 AM




07:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Monday to Saturday

09:00 AM - 11:00 AM






The Rowland School is a Co-educational school for kids entering school for the first time in Nursery till Class 12. We expect high standards of behavior, discipline and students to work to their full potential.


The school is recognized for its patriotic and disciplined environment where we help individuals develop a sense of national pride, social awareness, and encourage them to gain respect for themselves and each other.

We believe in working towards bringing parents into the loop with continuous feedback system in order that students can develop their abilities, aptitudes and personalities to the full.


Our limited classroom strengths and great teacher-student ratio (1:20) ensures that we are fully aware of the current strengths, as well as areas for improvement, for our students.


We will be delighted if you would like to look around our school and meet the staff and students. Please contact the school to make an appointment on 9918800793(Harahua) /9918800385(Shivpur). Visitors are given a warm welcome on any school day.




All students are expected to wear school uniform and they are encouraged to take pride in their appearance and in the good reputation of the school. We expect parents to support the school by ensuring that their child arrives in school wearing the correct full school uniform and with an appropriate bag and equipment.

When this is not adhered to we reserve the right to

send students home in order to change into their

agreed and expected uniform.




Homework is an essential part of learning as it encourages and develops individual study skills. All students are expected to undertake homework as an integral part of their work. Everyday before the teaching begins the homework is checked to ensure that all students are motivated to complete their work on time.




We offer many and varied extra-curricular activities in which students can participate, including sport, music, drama and social work.

Visits to places of interest in arts, and business take place regularly and are an integral part of the curriculum delivery.




Careers education is regarded as a vital part of our work, and our library houses a large careers information section. Careers advisors provide individual, impartial support for students and their parents in order that informed decisions can be made about 10+2 education, training or employment. We also organize a industry visits for classes 6th till 12th so students get a taste of the work environment.




It is very important that students should attend school regularly and arrive on time, for time missed from school may have serious educational consequences. If, for any reason, students are unable to attend school, a letter should accompany them on their return to school. 75% attendance at the end of the session is mandatory for students to write the final examination and to be promoted to the next class. Class XI and Class IX students will not be allowed promoted to the next class without fulfilling the attendance criteria.




The school takes pride in the high standard of behavior and discipline of the students. There is a system of rewards for good work and sustained effort and there is a clear set of expectations about codes of conduct.

We aim to celebrate and recognize our students’ successes and focus upon rewarding our students’ achievements. We give away scholarships to the Top 2 students in each class based on their academics. Each year we select the best Rowlandian from seniors and juniors. Their names are immortalized in the Board of honor.

However there are times when we must address inappropriate behavior. We use a range of sanctions, which are used if students behave in an inappropriate manner, which may involve expulsions.

Our Home/School Agreement emphasizes the close working relationship between home and school. It is expected that parents, students and the school sign the agreement at the beginning of each academic year.




If a child becomes ill or is injured in any way he/she is taken to the Medical Room for first aid only. It is likely that the problem can be dealt with in school, but if not, the parents will be contacted. The school under any circumstances does not give prescribed drugs to students. If the student needs to be given some prescribed medicines the parents need to contact the Coordinator and inform them.