Mrs. Abha Singh (Principal) established The Ab’s Rowland School in 1998 in Sub-urban Varanasi, Shivpur. With a huge experience at various schools for nearly 15 years Mrs. Abha set-up this then small school to impart top quality primary education to children.


Now the establishment has multiplied to 2 schools (Shivpur and Harahua) in less than 20 years with both schools reputed for Discipline and character building, values fed in the school by Col. P.K. Singh (Chairman). Col. P.K. Singh, husband of Mrs. Abha, is a retired Infantry officer of the Indian Army with 20 years of service behind him. With most of his service in areas such as Line of Control in J&K and as Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka, he has always motivated his men and led from the front when facing the enemy bullet.


Mr. Pranay Singh (Director) joined in 2016 to bring a more global perspective and exposure to students of the semi-urban and rural students. Mr. Pranay is an MBA and engineer with nearly 10 years of industry experience in companies like Hewlett-Packard. He is now running all academic and administrative operations for the school. He also takes regular career-counseling sessions for senior students.


Ms. Sweta Rawat (Director and coordinator Shivpur Branch) who has 11 years experience in IBM brings in a technical expertise from which students will benefit. She also acts as a role model especially for girl students who want to make a mark successfully in the corporate world.